What Does Tahlil Mean? 📿

Hope that you and your family are all safe and well. It has always been a custom of our community to recite Surah Yaasin and then Tahlil recitations for our loved ones especially after Maghrib on Thursday nights or during ‘Kenduri’ (family feast that include relatives). Have you ever wondered how this practice came about? Is this practice consistent and the same throughout the Muslim world? 

Come join us as we explore the meaning of Tahlil and its deep rooted history that most of us might be unaware of. We’ll also journey through uncovering how Tahlil has a cultural importance for the Muslims in our region and how it has evolved over the years. Watch this Facebook premiere in our Facebook page: Islamicevents.sg or Youtube channel: IslamicEvents, Wed 9 March 2022 at 8.00pm.


Aqiqah Carried Out In February 2022 🐐

DateName for AqiqahLocation
1/2/22Hana Ariqa Bte Izzat FaezSemarang
1/2/22Yaffa Eshal binte Muhammad AzmanKenya
3/2/22Afiq Uwais Bin AbdillahKenya
4/2/22Muhammad Roy Syahid Bin Muhammad JabbarKenya
5/2/22Arissa Mikayla Binte Nash EzharSemarang
5/2/22Afiyah Ufairah Binte Noor ShahrinKenya
8/2/22Muhammad Jabir Bin AbdullahSemarang
8/2/22Nur Aileen Binte Muhammad RuzainiBanyuwangi
11/2/22Haikal Aiden Bin HamzahSemarang
15/2/22Nur Aaliyah Chia Binte Muhammad SiddiqSemarang
15/2/22Nawra Insyirah Binte Farhan AlkhatibSemarang
15/2/22Nur Hidaya Binte Muhammad KamilBanyuwangi
16/2/22Nur Amelia Azura Binte Mohammad Fadzilhakim                  Banyuwangi
17/2/22Zahraa binte AshrafSemarang
18/2/22Ahmad Daeng Idraki Bin RamlanSemarang
18/2/22Muhammad Iman Bin Muhammad FrankliKenya
18/2/22Asif Bin Mohammad SyahrumBanyuwangi
18/2/22Muhamad Syamil Bin Mohammad SahruddinBanyuwangi
20/2/22Laiq ‘Uzayr Bin Mohamed ShafiqueSemarang
20/2/22Nur Aliyyah Zahra Binte Muhammad ZafranSemarang
23/2/22Muhammad Zamir Bin Muhammad Hafiz PohSemarang
23/2/22Ariqin Zafran Bin Muhammad AminnurrasyidBanyuwangi
26/2/22  Alexander Noah KunstSemarang
27/2/22Sofia Inara Binte EadivSemarang


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