If Our Planet Could Talk, What Would It Say? 🌏

Greetings to you and your family. Hope that everyone is well and safe. On Friday 5th November 2021, from their Mimbar, the Khatib all over Singapore has called upon all of us to commit in fulfilling our responsibility in protecting the environment.

As quoted in the sermon (Preserving the Environment (Word Doc, 216KB)):

Today, this world is witnessing environmental crisis due to the greed of humankind. We are aware of the serious impact of climate change. Our generation might not experience the severe consequences, but if we are not committed to fulfil the responsibility of protecting the environment, we will then contribute to the destruction that will be faced by future generations. Is this what we wish to do?

We believe that businesses including ourselves at Khidmah.SG should carry this responsibility together with individuals, communities and the government as we are the ones offering consumers choices. We need to put in a conscious effort when offering a product taking into account its product lifetime right from the point of its production, to packaging, right up to its disposal.

Consumers should also be aware of ‘Greenwashing’ where a product has been labelled eco-friendly or safe for the environment but in reality they do not do justice to what is intended for but rather serve as a marketing gimmick.

At Khidmah.SG, our mission is to participate in raising the standards of Islamic Products and Services offered in Singapore. In line with this mission, we seek your assistance to complete this 2-minute survey for us to gather actionable data of Muslims in Singapore and their sentiments towards the environment. We thank you in advance for your kind participation and no personal data is collected in this survey. Thank you!



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